Waste Management

Waste management

We specialize in the reclamation of land polluted petroleum products. We have our own board bioremediation throughout the country that allow the recovery of about 35,000 Mg per year of contaminated soil.

We offer:

We collect and recover the soil polluted by hazardous substances in positions to bio remediation of land are classified as hazardous waste codes:

  • 17 05 03 * – soil and the stones containing dangerous substances
  • 17 05 05 * – dredging spoil containing or contaminated with dangerous substances,
  • 17 05 07 * – gravel track (aggregate) containing dangerous substances

We collect and recover water polluted with petroleum substances that are classified as hazardous waste:

  • 16 10 01 * – aqueous liquid wastes containing dangerous substances
  • 19 13 07 * – Waste liquid and aqueous liquid wastes (eg. concentrate) from groundwater remediation containing dangerous substances

We realize work for exploitation, loading and transportation of these wastes. We have appropriate decision (link to document) for the transport of hazardous waste, and the transport is carried out in accordance with the provisions of ADR.

We have a decision approving the Waste Management program for the whole country,

Our services:

  • Waste management project.
  • Create Reports impact on the environment.
  • Technical Documentation closure and reclamation.
  • The completion of the remediation work.