Our services

Our services

GEOTRADE is a comprehensive, formal and legal preparation of investment themes in the field of environment and geology.

We offer a wide range of services including design work, reconnaissance, cost estimate and regulations. We specialize in the reclamation of contaminated oil products and heavy metals offering individual technological solutions adapted to the specific object. We implement complex works – starting from the diagnosis of the state of pollution by purifying selection methods, project development and implementation process.

We have objects for the rehabilitation of of contaminated land, which enable us to their receive and their recovery of without having to pause the construction works by the Investor.

We cooperate with laboratories having accreditation to conduct analytical work guarantee hight level and punctuality of services they provided.

Asset of the company GEOTRADE is a team of highly skilled professionals and the necessary hardware equipment. We employ and cooperate with high-class specialists from many fields, such as geology and hydrogeology, geophysics, environmental engineering, law, construction, agriculture, chemistry. Among our staff are experts from a list of provincial governor in the preparation of environmental impact assessment with over 20 years experience in work relating to the evaluation and remediation of the environment. Offering our services we guarantee to investors for proper execution of the work, in accordance with applicable law.