About us

Geotrade – About us

GEOTRADE is a consulting and executive company. We specialize in environmental protection technology. We operate in Poland and Europe. Our services are adapted to the needs and capabilities of our clients.

The main activity of the company is the work associated with the liquidation environmental pollution by chemical substances. Specializes in reclamation of petroleum substances and heavy metals. In our work we use the latest technological attainments and specialized technological equipment.

We have our own board bioremediation across the country allowing recovery of approximately 35,000 Mg land pollutants. Simultaneously we launch own technological solutions in the field of biodegradable.

We are a reliable partner on the environment market. We always care about the image and the interests of our customers. Our company has expert advice and efficient service, and reliable and timely delivery of projects.

Our Team

Our strength is team of specialists and high-quality hardware accessories. We employ and work with professionals from many fields such as geology, hydrology, geophysics, environmental engineering, law, construction, agriculture, chemistry. Our team includes experts from the list of provincial governor. They deal with work related to the assessment and remediation of the environment. We are offering our services we guarantee our investors for proper execution of the work according to law.

Geotrade – Historical overview

GEOTRADE Company, established in March 1991 by the Foreign Trade Enterprise “POLSERWIS” and Enterprise Works Drilling “POLWIERT” continues its activities in the field of geological services, and environmental recultivation.